Kinda odd really. Sitting here and listening to some Christmas music (only 3 days left till the madness is over) and trying to unwind before I go back into it in January. Kinda an eventful day yesterday. Went to DHS yesterday for food stamp application. We ended up getting the max amount because Misty and I make hardly anything...yah? I will no longer complain about taxes...ever. So we will get by till February now, and that's not an altogether bad thing really. Also went by and got the gift cards that I won from the gamer study at SIU. So off to wally world we went. Bought some last second gifts for Christmas and some groceries and what not.

So, now I'm sitting here and just trying to relax while I can.
Lets try this again...I'll actually try and do something daily on this and see if anything can be posted...

I'm a grad student at SIUC studying plant breeding and plant genetics. I am doing my actual thesis on identification of agronomic traits in soybeans. I also am involved in a TILLING project as well as an independent study that I am doing trying to see if the size of the pot affects the yield and quality of soybeans. Will have to do another year of that, but looks good so far.

Well, that's it for now.



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